• XCD 3,5-4,5/35-75mm

    The ninth addition to the X System lens range is the XCD 3,5-4,5/35-75 Zoom Lens. Delivering the same superb image qu...

  • Lens Shade XCD 35-75mm

    Designed to control flare and contrast reduction caused by off axis extraneous light.</br></br>Compatibility</br>XCD ...

  • Hasselblad USB 3.0 Cable Type-C To Type-C

    USB 3.0 cable to connect the camera (Type-C connection) to a computer or iPad with a Type-C USB connection for tether...

  • Hasselblad X1D II Strap

    Camera strap with adjustable ends.</br></br>Specifications</br>Length: 69.5cm (27.3 in)</br></br>Compatibility</br>X ...




  • HC ƒ3.5/50mm-II

    An all-round, versatile lens, incorporating a moderate wide-angle effect, and featuring advanced optical design with ...

  • HC ƒ2.8/80 mm

    The 2.8/80 is the standard lens for the H system. The high-performance design ensures great colour correction, a flat...

  • HC ƒ4/210 mm

    A universal telephoto lens with outstanding performance. The longer focal length is excellent for tightly framed shot...

  • HC 3,2/150mm

    An ideal portrait lens, providing the ideal perspective for head and shoulder portraits. Also very suitable for lands...