• XPan Lens Adapter

    This compact sized adapter for the X1D camera system allows XPan Lenses to be used. Although the XPan lenses have bee...

  • XCD 3,5/30mm

    The XCD 30mm is the widest angle lens for the X1D. Its focal length provides a 24mm equivalent field of view, making ...

  • XCD 3,5/45mm

    The XCD 45mm is the ideal standard lens for the X1D. Its moderate wide angle focal length provides a 35mm equivalent ...

  • XCD 3,2/90mm

    The XCD 90mm is the ideal portrait lens for the X1D. Its moderate telephoto focal length provides a 71mm equivalent f...




  • HC 2,2/100mm

    The 100mm is a fast lens particularly suited to low-light situations or for action shots where higher shutter speeds ...

  • HCD 4,8/24mm

    This ultra-wide-angle lens delivers outstanding performance throughout it focusing range. It’s 104-degree diagonal fi...

  • HCD 4/28mm

    Fully corrected throughout its focusing range for colour aberration, vignetting and distortion, this compact wide-ang...

  • HC 3,5/35mm

    A retro focus lens with 89° diagonal angle of view. This lens offers outstanding corner-to-corner sharpness, low disp...